Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upside. Catch?

This year, v-day doesn't irk me. Mostly because next year, Luke and I will be together. Wooo!

Upside for today: It is one day in a year that it is not considered ridiculous to wear peep toe pumps with pink trim, and bows.
Catch: These pumps are not as forgiving when you wear them a full school day.
Forget the Catch: I got tons of compliments!
Upside: I already had some great practice making my Valentines. See One in Every Color wedding.
Catch: upper grade does not have reduced class size.
Forget the catch: they all loved them! Some even thought they looked so good they'd be edible!

Upside: Pinterest has upped the anti on Valentines. (See Superhero blow pop.)
Catch: I have to quit Pinterest.
Forget the Catch: I got enough ideas this year from pinterest moms to last several years.
Upside: Saint Patricks Day is coming.
Upside: I have the lego minifig.
Upside: spring green.
Upside: Hearty breakfast with my roomies Tanya and Ty.
Upside: Sausage
Upside:egg and sausage baked in the shape of hearts that come neatly out of their container.
Upside: dip able heart shaped pancakes.
Upside: real maple syrup.
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