Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That's All Folks

The lockdown ended at 10. As it were, a man was stabbed down the street from us. He did not live on our street and had "gotten in with the wrong people." Everything that I know is hearsay.
The chew consuming detectives were interestingly baffled by the chiwawas that wander the town and have no regard for crime scenes. The particular one that gave them trouble is often seen going down the street marking each of the trash cans in turn. (By my cousin at least.)
It was quite the morning, and was quickly followed by a math lesson, lunch time book club, and detention. Trivial Tuesday eh? Highlight of my day: holding baby Ruby! Yah I'll totally bring dinner for good visiting and baby holding time! Such the ulterior motives! ;)
Now, I will return to writing lesson plans. The bane of my existence.

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