Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodies and Baddies

Written Tuesday Evening:

My car and I have had quite the adventures.
I was at Jo-Annes yesterday. I parked my car deliberating whether or not to pull through to the parking spot on the other side. I didn't. I went in, shopped, and came out. As I was walking to my car I thought "why on earth did I pull all the way through? It wasn't more convenient. " I got in my car and it rocked a little on its wheels....I didn't pull all the way through....I left it in neutral with no break on. Ugh. How embarrassing!
1.) Good thing there wasn't a car on the other side.
2.) Good thing it stopped.
3.) What on earth do you think the family waiting in the car next door thought as my car rolled off? Do you think they stopped it?

Other, not nearly as good tidbits:

I took the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment today. I should have done more than consider studying, and I should have consumed a caffeinated beverage beforehand (y'all know how I do love sleep) but in spite of all that I am hopeful.

I acquired a new dog cousin this weekend.

Her name is Keeva and she's Kaylee Waffle's sister! Ummm maybe half sister because she's a German Shepherd not a Belgian I mean Malinois.
We had quite the adventure getting that picture.
I tried Ethiopian food on Saturday...and liked it!!!

My book club and I read Little Bee. The main character is Nigerian so we tried to get geographically close!
The restaurant is called Fasika and is on Blackstone just south of Shaw and just South of Wendy's.

As for the book? It's a tough read/listen. Way thought provoking with strong imagery. Some quotes that linger:
"A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means you survived. "

"It was exhausting prospecting for grief. "

"Trouble is like the ocean. It covers two thirds of the world."

Speaking of trouble. That cancer business is trouble. I have recently come into contact with a female youngling younger than me who recently lost her mother to leukemia. Stinking foul cancer. And seriously. After recently attending a mandated reporting workshop. Why don't more baddies (Little Bee reference) get cancer? Leave us the goodies? My heart aches for this young girl and her siblings. I also pray regularly (and ask you too a well) that I can discern the best way to support her.

On one, much needed, lighter note:
Luke sent me this picture. It makes me laugh EVERY time.

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The Isaacs said...

I was wondering if you were going to post about our dinner! In my opinion, it was significant that we branched out and tried something different, so definitely worthy of a blog post! (btw, love the post's title!)