Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trivial Tuesday

My street is on lock down. No cars in or out. All on a day I woke up early to get to school early. I'm thinking my "ugh" seems mighty trivial compared to what all the other ughs may be.

Another ugh: As we were peeping out our window like Patunia Dursley's we spied one of the forensic/detective guys putting chew in his lip or whatever. Eeeeeeew!

Also ugh: Morning news. Overly cheery people. People dancing awkwardly to awkward music. And none of the info I need.

And my latest trivial concern:
I've gotten two concert emails from Red Rocks Theater. One for a John Denver tribute and the other is James Taylor. I'm tempted by both, but really only want one. How do I decide?

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Cams said...

OooOo I LOVE James Taylor! I'll go with you to that! :)

Anonymous said...

John votes James Taylor too!