Tuesday, July 9, 2013

American Girl's Do Lunch

When I was a kid the only American Girl store was in Chicago. I dreeeeeamed of going there. When our choir group went to Chicago in High School I dragged my group there on one of our free time excursions. But I didn't have my doll. Or a the time to really do it up. So when Val moved to Dallas and we discovered there was a store there, we began to talk about "doing lunch" with our dolls. She said she felt so silly calling to make the reservation and explaining that no, it was going to be two adults...and their dolls.
 One of the coolest things about AG (American Girl) lunch is that they have special chairs for the dolls so that they can sit at the table too!
We were some of the earliest girls for our reservation time slot. Once things got going it was packed!
Me and Kirsten
Something happened to her eye. We call it the Mad Eye Moody thing goin' on. I'll send her to the doctor when she comes out to play more later in life. Seriously, I mean the AG doctor. Your doll comes back with a hospital gown, bracelet and balloon. 
Val and Samantha
We had been hoping to do tea but didn't realize they have special days for full on tea. 
Our server was so awesome, he brought us our sparkling strawberry watermelon lemonade (yes, it was as amazing as it sounds) in our big soda glasses AND a tea pot!

Our girl got tea cups with their own lemonade!
The food was excellent. They had delicious grown up options as well as some wonderfully presented kid friendly ones.
On the table they had these neat conversation cards. 
 We laughed at this one because Valerie's love of mittens extends to her own hand sign for mittens. See below.
 For dessert we had a tasty chocolate mousse cup topped with cookie crumbles. Yes, when selecting our choice we went solely for presentation.
 The girls liked it too!
 The AG experience extended all the way to the bathroom where they had doll hooks in the stalls.
 Yep! Your AG doll can even watch you pee. 
 Of course we had to do a little shopping, and get photo proof of our coordinating outfits!
 When we got home we needed a rest so the girls tried on their souvenir outfits. AG Dallas shirts, skirts by me and the flower from dessert! 
It was seriously a great adventure! I had so much fun! I remember reading about others adventures to the store in the catalog and magazines and thought it sounded like so much fun! The dolls have changed, some have been retired, and there are many new dolls!  I still to this day enjoy the magazine (ad free...well except for everyone who writes in and talks about their American Girl stuff...but no body bashing or negative image pushing) and all the great ideas and activities they come up with! I love that this company pairs reading with play, and promotes positive, healthy traits and attitudes. (Unsolicited plug over.)

Know Before You Go: 
-Different stores offer different things. The Dallas store didn't have some of the things I've seen in the LA or Chicago store when I peeked in.
-Make reservations!
-It's pricey. Plan how much you want to spend or what you intend to buy before you go! It's really easy to get caught up in the moment!

Thanks sister for putting together such a fun Dallas adventure to remember!

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