Thursday, July 25, 2013

Really Random Thursday- Science, Sewing and such

I report back to school August 6 and I'm starting to let myself plan for school! I got these cool art cards from and I love them!

I've been working on a knit dissected frog to display in my class.
Here he is with his organs!

I've also working on an anatomically correct-ish heart.
I can't wait to put this one in my classroom too!

I disguised a frozen California Pizza Kitchen Sicilian pizza with a fistful of basil and it was tasty!
Luke got back from a weekend of climbing 14ers in Colorado. Turns out he's as bad at applying sunscreen as I am.
I finally changed my rotary cutter blade. I always wish I'd changed it like a month earlier.
I used it to cut binding,

when I finished binding the quilt I began big stitch quilting the center star,

and the border of my summer sampler quilt.
While I am VERY excited about the upcoming school year, I am absolutely starting to feel the pressure to get my projects done eek!
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Deborah said...

You are SO amazing!

Mindful quilter said...

I adore your knitted dissected frog, wonderful

The Luedtke Family said...

I saw the dissected frog before and thought, "What not to knit". Seeing yours, still not so sure. It's not the most expected project! Perhaps you will reel the girls into the frog unit with that.