Monday, July 15, 2013

Oregon Ducks Linen Stitch Scarf

Here it is. All 400 stitches in length of it. 
 My first knit item for my husband Luke the Human Heater. 
In his very favorite Oregon Ducks colors. 
 It is also in, my now, very least favorite stitch to knit, linen stitch....
 Though the stitch is so unique, and the fabric it makes is so light!
 It really is the perfect stitch for a man scarf. 
 I took it to the football field to take pictures of it, then to the park where I realized just how bizarre people thought I was taking pictures of this scarf like it was my child. Let me tell you, a gazillion rows of 400 stitches of linen stitch. It may as well have been.
Here is the front where you can really see how it gives the woven linen look.
 Here is the back. It still has the woven look but also as someone said "looks more like a plaid."
After two re-starts of this scarf ("oh I've done this scarf before, I don't need to pay too much attention to the pattern") I finally got it going correctly. I'm glad I did. 
Even if it meant frogging two inches. 
And another two inches.
 And casting on 400 stitches...3 times. 
Alas, it was on this scarf that I discovered the beauty of Addi knitting needles. It was this scarf that has been with me to Grand Junction as I helped John and Neola pack, Olton,Texas as I visit with my family, Denver for another family adventure, Dallas, Texas  to a Rangers Baseball game and more!
Now it will be ready to go on adventures with Luke (when it gets cold enough) and bring some green and yellow to this region of blue, red, and purple.


The Luedtke Family said...

Beautiful. Now I am really not yet ready to start my linen scarf.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Don't bring this to Fresno--Aaron will confiscate it! It looks awesome.

Alli said...

Great job! Gah, majillion stitches. I bet your husband really appreciates how much work you put into it, though. :)

The Isaacs said...

What a gift you have to create such awesome pieces and what a gift of love for your hubby!