Sunday, July 14, 2013

Spinning- Take 2

Well, when I get a bug, I get it good. On Thursday, I got the bug to start spinning some yummy roving. On Friday night I finished plying it. This is second spinning project and I was trying to see if I could spin small enough to spin the yarn for my sheep/ram to sweater project with the fleece I got from Uncle Doc.
Here's the roving I used today. Doesn't it look like a grey waterfall? This roving is merino wool and silk and heaven.

Before plying.

After plying.

On the niddy noddy.

Setting in the tub. (I love having a second tub for projects.)

Hanging to dry.

All twisted into a hank and ready to go!

Sport weight? DK weight?

In sports or working out, I quit at the earliest sign of being sore. When spinning, I spin through the pain, train my self to switch feet, and spin through the pain again. My calves are a wee bit sore. I'm a hard core spinner. When are they going to start making posters and slogans for that on Pinterest?

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