Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dallas- Sports Edition

On Sunday we hit up a couple sports stadiums, starting with the Dallas Cowboy's stadium. While none of us are fans, the stadium was quite the sight to behold!

 I took the combative press approach.

 Imagine meeting us on the field!
 Our best attempt at the Heisman trophy pose.

 Then we went across the way to a Texas Rangers vs Huston Astros baseball game. It was hot but there was a perk to getting the $7 tickets...we were second from the back with a breeze! (Sort of. It was still hot.)
 Keeping up with tradition, I took my knitting and made great progress on Luke's Oregon Ducks scarf!

They gave away bears to kids 13 and under. Val, a lover of soft stuffed animals, was green with envy! Especially of this little guy in front of us who was playing with not only his, but all of his siblings' bears! 
 She just about melted when they did a bear dance and all the kids were waving around their bears and dancing with them! Matt came to her rescue and procured a bear for her. (Shhhh. It's a secret!)
 This is my last post from our quick Dallas trip. It allowed for lots of talking time in the car, some delicious eating as Val and Matt are in the middle of everything in Uptown, a couple driving tours through neighborhoods and visiting schools (yeah I like to see schools from other areas) and lots of golf for Luke and Matt. Especially nice for Luke, was that it gave him some time to debrief and do some interacting with other similarly minded young professionals.

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Jamie said...

You girls are too funny! Looks like a great trip so far!! Hugging you both across the miles!!