Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shabby Sheep-Yarn Shop Review

So my sister has been telling me how much yarn goodness there is in Dallas. Yarn Bombing an amazing park that has food trucks. Knitting group that meets in the park. This fun little shop within walking distance of her apartment that's in an old house!?! It all links back up to the Shabby Sheep.

 ....and if you're not completely just smitten and sold by the front like I was, check out the view from the entrance!?
 Delicious right? Meet Abby the resident canine. (I think that's her name, my apologies if I messed it up.) She was so unphased by any and everyone.
 Each room had something different in it. The front had more of the unique summer yarns. Another had books, another had baby, another was for spinning and classes.
 I almost thought Val was going to try and acquire this darling bunny!
 Spinning wheels and hula hoop weaving! (I've always wanted to try this!)
There's a sitting area in the front room and let me tell you folks. The owner and her friends/crew are such wonderful kindred spirits! It's no wonder they've got their hand in everything fiber art in Dallas! It's also no wonder that Valerie and I just sat down in that sitting area and started visiting and getting to know the ladies! We were there at least an hour and could have stayed many more had we not had a busy schedule of events. I am sticking this shop in my collection of LOVES for yarn shops! I encourage you strongly to check it out!
Know Before You Go:
Parking has potential to be a bit tricky. Park on the street (facing the proper direction, or they will ticket you) or behind the store in the Uptown Square parking lot.
Check for the hours, classes and events on their website found here.

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