Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Hydrangea...I mean Birthday!

This year my birthday fell on our first day with students at work. Rather anti climactic. BUT when I got home these beautiful flowers were waiting for me! I LOVE hydrangeas! Some even know that I've been plotting for years to name my someday daughter Hydrangea Anne (Hydi Anne.) So I brought these pretties in. Wanna see the best part? Here it is:
That evening we went out to Dai Bai Dang! Love their pot stickers!

Partway through dinner, the lights were sort of flickering and I thought "Man, they're having trouble with the mood lightning. I skimmed all the lights and saw a stream of smoke coming out of one of the lights! I jumped up hollering "The light is on fire!" I hurried to notify one of the staff, and returned to a table full of mocking friends. It's okay though. I saved us from all burning down. We returned to Mike's house for some brownie, lemon cream bar, and cookies! (Cake isn't always my favorite, so Destinie got some alternatives!)

What and AWESOME birthday!

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