Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Unknown Audience

With the engagement, I have had the exciting opportunity to share our news with...well everyone. The thing that has actually surprised me is that more people actually say: I heard about your big news! So yah, I realise that I published the news on my blog, and yes my facebook status still says: " Jessica is engaged. To be married. To Luke. Swoon." I just didn't think THAT many people actually read my blog! I also didn't realise word spreads THAT fast! Not that I mind. I'm happy to talk to anyone about it...for hours. Just ask my poor friend. Or Luke's mom, or Mark and Cindy, or Luke for that matter. Anyway, it's exciting and I'm having fun!

On another note, I got an exciting piece of news from Luke today.
Many of you know that Luke is working his way through the Professional Golf Management Program at the University of Idaho, and is currently working an internship at Circling Raven Golf Course. So I have lately been known to throw in a comment about golf , or points of interest regarding golf, here and there on the blog. A while back (on this post) I commented about Luke's tri-pod pose and how I was reading up about it in the book Golf, Naked-The Bare Essentials Revealed by Greg Rowly, PGA the book is very informative about all the little things from pranks to etiquette and is most importantly entertaining. Which explains WHY in the world I am reading about golf. Anyway, back to the point. Luke was at Circling Raven and who should he cross paths with, but Greg Rowly himself who remembered Luke from the PGM program, but more importantly knew about my blog!!! AND that I cited him. SWEET! I was pretty thrilled to hear that. I even used that high pitched excited voice Luke (and my family) is having to get used to hearing. Anyway, just had to share. I'm too excited to keep it in.

Just goes to show, ya never know who's reading the blog!

Ps. If you ARE reading my blog, please, don't hesitated to comment! Bloggers LIVE for comments! Seriously, they make our days!

PPs. Luke just finished reading me another golf book that I liked a LOT too. This one resembles more of a Nicholas Sparks story. With golf speak. Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel about Life, Love, Family, Miracles ... and Golf. Very good. Feel good story. It made for nice together time. Sort of a good compromise found in book.


Tanya said...

Comments! Isn't it fun (and kinda creepy!) how many people that you don't know are internet stalking you know all the intimate details of your life?

Tracy said...

OK, I read more than I comment on. I'm a lurker, I admit it! But I like your stories, they make me laugh.

JHRME said...

I LOVE having readers! I love having comments too! AND Im glad to know I'm entertaining people!

The Luedtke Family said...

I would love to be a blogger lurker, just not enough time in a day! I have to admit I am a reader. Somehow through Cindy, I found you. Cindy is my aunt, but is really more like a great friend, and Mark too.

I quite enjoy the crochet bits, you see, I am quite the crocheter. I can knit, but have a PASHION for crochet. Anyway, just discovered Amigurumi and am working on a doll for my daughter. Yeah, small project but tons o'time. It will be wrapped up and put under the Christmas tree. My son told me I need to make a teddy bear to go with the doll. And am considering a blanket for her, too. He also thinks he is giving it to her. Ha and double ha!!!

Anyway, I am married, 9 years this August!!! Soooo wonderful, enjoy every moment of the planning! My blog is mostly about my kiddos, because I am so excited and mesmorized by them and just love them to pieces. But, I do sneak in a few tidbits about me as well.

Just wanted to introduce myself, all the way from the suburbs of Chicago.


Grandma G said...

Cindy also introduced me to you and your blog (that Cindy gets around, doesn't she? ;-) ). I'm the internet friend she's actually coming to meet in MN in August.

Anyway, I just want to say 'Congrats' on your engagement... and also that I think you're one very TALENTED young woman! I am also praying for your mom, whom Cindy has told me a lot about.

God bless you in all your future plans!