Saturday, June 13, 2009

Roman Golf Holiday

So this last Spring at "Quilt Camp" I won a quilt kit. Lets just say it had...a lot of tricky triangles. Fabulous pattern...just a bit above my...skill level? At "Quilt Camp" Jullie, upon finding out my boyfriend (now fiance!!!) was on the path to becoming a golf pro, offered me some left over fabric she had used to make a project for her son (who IS a golf pro.) Then I was leaving Cindy's house when I spotted her pile of "donate to church quilting" fabric. See all those fabrics next to the golf fabric? They were there! Just calling my name! Begging to go with the quilt. Sooo I decided to donate the difficult quilt kit to the Church Quilting group in exchange for Cindy's fabrics. The church quilters are so much more qualified to complete the tricky triangle quilt and I am working on turning this quilt into a "Roman Holiday" Quilt. Stay tuned for updates!

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