Saturday, June 13, 2009

Smells Pretty Fishy

Oh wait it's this funny hat! Valerie's boyfriend's mom was diagnosed with cancer just before our mom. It was established that she would be losing her hair, and so I wanted to make a hat. I didn't want to make just any hat. I wanted to make one that would promote laughter. Everyone who saw this pattern (found on Ravelry) could not help but laugh(or at least chuckle.) Even my students sort of giggled and got giddy when I gave them a chance to participate. I recruited my students to help make a joke book. They got to use a joke I already had, or make up their own. They decorated their page and I took a picture of them with their page and the hat over their head. (Don't worry, I washed the hat before I mailed it to Matt's mom.)
Here are a couple of my favorite, student generated jokes: If Starwars was done in the ocean what would the characters be? Answer: Starfish What did the Jellyfish say to the octopus? You're huge. (That ones not as funny if you haven't seen this students eyes get really wide and heard her excited voice say "you're huge." My co-workers and I couldn't stop laughing at these ones.
While I don't think I'll ever use this cupcake yarn again, the colors were just what I wanted. I was surprised how long the hat took to make but was pleased with the results and hope the hat brings on laughter!


Neola said...

The hat is amazing!

Janice Porter said...

Are you fishing for compliments? The hat and jokes are pretty funny! Love,Janice

Tracy said...

That is the funniest hat I've seen! I think your dad needs one now!

The Luedtke Family said...

Love the hat! Make enough for close teacher friends at school and you could be a school of fish for Halloween! Better yet, have them create their own fish costume/hat!