Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How We Met

I was perusing wedding website options. Not sure I'm sold on the idea. I'm pretty stuck on blogging, but anyway. All of them have a "How We Met" section. Hey, I can blog that though. Its not restricted to "Official Wedding Websites." Soooo here it is. How we met.

We met through our roommates. My roommate Kelsi was dating Luke's roommate Cody. At the beginning of the semester Cody and Kelsi had invited each of us to go with them to watch a movie in Pullman. In an attempt to make it seem "not like a date" we each brought someone along (Drew and Jenny) Our attempt failed and just made it into a bigger group date. For the record: Jess sat by Jenny. Jessica drove Jenny, Drew, and Luke to the Pullman, WA movie theater in her yellow bug. The first thing Luke said once they were on their way was: "How long have you been driving a manual car?" Yep. That's how guys get girls these days. Insult their driving.


Janice Porter said...

Love it! Funny! Janice

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, commenting on your smooth ability to drive a manual car is a compliment! Most gals probably can't drive a manual car!

The Luedtke Family said...


I would love to be a blogger lurker, but with two little darlings I have no time! I am a reader of yours though! I found you somehow through Cindy. She is my aunt, but is really more like a great friend, as is Mark too.

I really enjoy your crochet bits. I can knit, but have a PASHION for crochet. I recently discovered Amigurumi, and am making a doll for my daughter. A small project, but whoa, tons o'time! This baby is getting wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. My son tells me the doll needs a teddy bear (he saw the picture on the pattern). And I'm considering a blanket for the doll. The best part, I'm using yarn I already have!

Enjoy the wedding planning. I'll be married 9 years this August and have loved every day! I blog as well, mostly about my kids. They amaze me and I love them to pieces. I try to sneak in small things about just me!

Now I introduced myself!


The Luedtke Family said...

Just saw this and had to pass it on to you!

JHRME said...

Wow that site is "Fab"! You just inspired my next posting!