Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We've Been Branded!

Our "Wedding Logo" is in it's final stages and I LOVE it! For the last ...I don't know how long, Ashley has had some major patience with me...Ashley at Izzy and the Bean (isn't their name cool!)has been working with us to put together the perfect Graphically Designed wedding logo/monogram substitute. Luke's single monogram LNJ will be the same as our married monogram because his middle initial "J" is the same as my first initial..."J" (in case you weren't sure.) Sooo I was kind of thinking it'd be cool to come up with a substitute. I put of an alchemy request on ETSY and that's how we got in touch with Izzy and the Bean! Yay so excited! Stay tuned for the "first glimpse!"


Anonymous said...

the logo is going to look very good honey! you did a good job of finding out how to go about that. I am impressed.

Katie said...

very cute! i love etsy too =)

Jamie said...

Not that my opinion matters, but I love the top one. You can tell that it's a "yarn" golf ball, and the grass in the drawing gives the outdoor feel for your picnic/outdoor wedding! Again, not that my say has any clout...but there's my 2 cents! You are so creative!!!