Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Curse

"The Sweater Curse holds that if you knit a sweater for your romantic partner before there's a commitment with some sort of legal binding, there will be consequences. He will, within days or weeks of your delivering a sweater into a previously happy relationship, dump you and take the sweater with him. As you can imagine, this is quite painful. There really are other fish in the dating sea and people survive terrible breakups all the time; the real tragedy is that he gets away with a great sweater."

The same applies to quilts. Sooo I never made any quilts, or sweaters for any of those boys.

"In Devon, England, during the 19th century, it was common for an engaged woman to knit a wedding sweater for her beloved. It would be a fancy, personal sweater, sometimes with his initials knit into the gusset under the arms. The groom didn't have to knit the bride anything."

Soooo because Luke is well, larger than me, and MY OWN sweater took forever, the day Luke and I got engaged I began this quilt for him.
It is very personalised in that the very dark green diamonds have scenes of "old world" golfers on a golf course. Seeing as Luke is a Professional Golf Management Major, I found this very fitting. Hmmm, maybe it's his graduation present too! Haha.

The mere fact that he can hold it long ways in each corner and have it be spread out, stresses A.) That he is not a tiny man and knitting a sweater for him would take FOR-EV-ER and B) that this is a LAP quilt. I realized he cant exactly burrow deep down under it. It's perfect for watching movies! I used a plaid flannel for backing and its warm and soft!

I hand quilted it in blue pearl cotton big stitch. I was going for an argyle look! The light wasn't fabulous sorry. Maybe someday when the quilt and I live in the same household Ill give taking new pictures a shot.


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

What a great guy quilt, Jessica! Janice

Julia said...

Wonderful manly quilt and your points match...good job. I have been quilting all day so I can't help but notice that...

Anonymous said...

im pretty happy with it! it is pretty much perfect for me! don't worry about the sweater, i don't really want/need one out of actual yarn, just got a really nice ben hogan sweater, and you didn't have to put any work into it! Love you!


JHRME said...

Dear Luke, If you look real close (like with a magnifying glass) you'll find that sweater is actually knit. Out of actual yarn.

Katie said...

Lovely. I really like the argyle quilting look. Very unique...and it is absolutely fantastic that you quilted it by hand. A labor of love for sure!

Neola said...

Love it! Perfect for him. Like I've said are amazing and very talented!

Grandma G said...

The argyle look was definitely a success! It's the first thing I thought of when I glanced at it. Great job!