Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vandals Win!!

It was homecoming in Idaho and I got to be there for the game! It was quite the event! I can believe I forgot to get the camera out until halftime!You can see the marching band alumni up front by their uniquely painted tubas! There's one with a flag and one with flames!
These were the shoes I wore pretty much all weekend. Yep sheepskin, fleece lined slippers. They had a rubber sole so I could wear them around town....and I did. Everywhere. It's cold in Idaho!

The seats thinned out at half time when everyone went back out to tailgate. From back to front here's my old roommates Heather and Kelsi, Kelsi's boyfriend and Luke's old roommate Cody, and Chris (also Luke's old roommate.)
You can see all the light coming in from the new glass panels on the end of the kibbie dome.
Luke and Mark...yep they're brothers. (I think they had to say that like 20 times this weekend.)

The game was pretty exciting. I watched the whole time and even yelled at appropriate places. The crowd is supposed to yell when we're on defense so the other team cant even hear themselves think let alone hear each other. The noise was DEAFENING! Especially at the end. The score was 34-28 Vandals were behind in the fourth quarter. They pulled through made a touchdown and scored the extra point by kicking it through the yellow meat fork at the end of the field (field goal?). That put LA Tech down by ONE!!! They were trying to push close enough to at least get a field goal and score another point to tie the game. The coach even made desperate time out calls and stuff to "Ice the kicker" or whatever. Once second left, their kicker missed the meat fork. Vandals won!

People swarmed the field! This was 5 min later when I finally remembered to take a picture so things were calming down by then.

What made a significant impression was that the tuba players who normally wear skirts/kilts/whatevers had donned tutus! Tutus and tubas. Never would have put them together but they cracked me up!

The Vandals have 7 wins now! Wooh! Now they gotta beat Fresno State on the 7th and Boise the next weekend. Don't call me Saturday. I'll be watching the game! (PS. If anyone knows how to find fantabulously inexpensive plane tickets to the game in Idaho please share...)


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! You used some football slang! and remembered what i told you! im impressed! see sports are fun when you get into it even if you don't know the players!!! Love you!

Neola said...

Looks like you had a fun time. We sure enjoyed our trip to Moscow. Wish it was easier to fly into N. Idaho.

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

I wanted to comment but didn't what to say cause I'm not a football nut. But then I read Luke's comment. A short, sweet love note! Glad I got to read it! Love, Janice

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had lots of fun, Jess! It's always good to reconnect with old friends. I love your descriptive words for the details of the game (meat fork!). Congratulations on the big "W"!