Monday, November 9, 2009

Under 1 Generals Fan

Not to mean that there is less than one generals fan. Just that THIS fan is under the age of 1. Henry's Dad John is a coach and henry needed a blue and gold hat to wear to games. I was up to the challange. Henry's Auntie Jill and I picked out a pattern at Monday night football. Then I forwarded some yarn choices I'd gotten from the ever so helpful Wendy...shoot I think that's her The Websters in Ashland OR. (Pretty good yarn store folks.) The day I got the yarn in the mail I started the hat!

But then I though...Henry cant just have a hat! I have left over yarn. He needs something else.

Mittens! Henry needs mittens! Having just picked up the book Knit Mittens by Robin Hansen from the library for Miss Moss's mittens, I was well equiped to make Henry's. (This book is fantastic by the way.)

And now Henry has a set to wear when he cheers the Generals on!


The Luedtke Family said...


Knitting something that small scares me. Knitting according to a pattern scares me! Did you need circular needles and markers and what not?!?!?

Perhaps once a crocheter always a crocheter!

Lovely! How much would you charge for toddler mittens? I plan to crochet Norah an ear-flap hat and scarf for her winter coat. Don't have the pattern or the yarn yet. I could send the leftover yarn for you to make the mittens. Perhaps?

by George! said...

If someone knits a nice hat like that and puts it on their smart little head, would that make them a knit wit?-bg

Katie said...

We LOVE them! Henry will wear them proudly to the big Shafter-Wasco game on Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you for knitting them for him. You are oh so talented.