Friday, November 20, 2009

Kool Mittens and MossCap

Remember this yarn?My friend (Valerie's friend) Laura commissioned me to make her some mittens. Here they are fairly big and bulky.I washed and dried the wool mittens and they shrunk down, and tightened up to fit a bit better. They're not quite felted...but almost.I made her this hat to match. As I was finishing the mittens the yarn spoke to me and told me that they couldn't go on to fulfill their lives without a hat to make them a set. The hat was improvised. Lets just say I learned a lot. My mom tried to swipe Laura's hat. I guess that means there MIGHT be one in order for her too. Good thing I like knitting so much.I also finished this hat a while back. It's the Foliage hat. I love the pattern. I couldn't think of a purple dragon so I named this hat Barney...but I don't think Barney has scales...any suggestions?


kim said...

Wow Jessie! Those look great

Susan said...

It's a great warm hat. I love wearing it!