Sunday, March 27, 2011

It is March Madness!

That is the gift Jessica gets me every year for my birthday and I had to have the right words.  This year it is madness too! Still did a pretty good job of sorting through all the layers and made some good picks, but have no clue about Butler or VCU.  How does she give you a gift that gets played every year anyway? She gives the gift of time, lots of time to watch the games.  I love and appreciate that about my wife.

In other news I recently got a promotion.  Still can not say where I work, but I now have a lot more responsibility, will work a ton more hours, and get paid slightly more money.  This is a very exciting promotion for both of us because it gives us hope that we are doing the right thing for our futures by currently being apart and working through the tough stretch right now.  This glimmer allows some hope that god has a plan in all of this and that we are proceeding the correct way even if it is unusual.  Thank you all for your support.