Friday, March 18, 2011


This is my husband. I think he's the most handomest man in the world. It his birthday. You'll never guess what I got him.

Okay I'll tell you. It's this basketball tournament thing. It's called Mad March...March Mayhem....something like that. He gets it every year for his birthday and it makes him soooo happy. Icing on the cake: if North Carolina wins.

Anyway, Luke is turning 23. Here are 23 things I miss about him since we're long distance newlyweds.

1.) His heat. He's my portable heater. Someday I'll figure out how to make the cooling feature work in the summer.
2.) His appetite. Kid can sure make cooking dinner worth my while. I now know why people serve fillers.
3.) His height. For everything I can't reach.
4.) The twinkle in his eye. I call it sparkle.
5.) The way he picks me up and gravity pulls my bones back to where they should be.
6.) The way he's better than me at massage and I went to school for it.
7.)His relaxedness in just about any situation. You just can't shake him.
8.)His willingness to watch a show of my choosing once before he refuses to watch it ever again.
Pass: Traffic Light, Fairly Legal, NCIS
Fail: new jungle doctor show with matt serreson, Grey's Anatomy
Epic fail: Supernanny
9.) His excellence as a golf instructor to his spouse. This is rare. Very rare.
10.)His appreciation for my projects.
11.) His large laundry. It fills the basket(ca)/bins(co) faster and keeps me on top of the laundry.
12.) His rapture style laundry leaving habit. It makes cleaning up a room easier as it all goes in the laundry bin/basket.
13.)Sitting/working next to him while he reads. I like that he reads a lot.
14.)His driving. Usually I prefer to take the wheel, not as much when he's here.
15.)His shopping cart maneuverability. Especially at Costco.
16.) That he loads big things onto the cart. And also carries them in.
17.) That he can/will tell me how a suspenseful show/movie ends or if the person lives through tue scene.
18.)Kisses on the forehead!
19.)Playing pass back words with friends with him. I knew he'd like scrabble once he learned how to beat me.
20.) That he unloads the dishwasher. Apparently I'm too painfully slow to watch.
21.)His armpit shoulder notch. Its just perfect for head-resting and then falling asleep on.
22.)Falling asleep in the shoulder armpit notch while he's reading or working on his computer.
23.) Listening to his heart.

Happy Birthday Love! I'd marry you again every day of the week!


Grandma G said...

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

It's my husband's birthday today!! Hope you both have a good weekend and talk a lot! Janice

girlyhurley said...

Not to one up you or anything. . .but this year for J's birthday I'm getting him the resurrection of Christ! Indeed! lol

Cams said...
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Cams said...
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Cams said...

Wow, apparently I can't type. I just saw this blog. Happy (belated) Birthday, Luke!

laura said...

this is the sweetest thing ever, happy belated bday lukey luke!

Dani said...

I like fairly legal too! And Luke should teach me to golf someday, I have always wanted to learn. I think it would be so fun if you were actually good. But fair warning- I really suck (seriously I am terrible).