Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quitin Time, Quiltin Time

Because the HAND quilting on 1930s friendship quilt #1 is DONE!

Val put the last stitches in this morning. Ok, more like noon. I slept in. Here's the view from underneath the quilt all spread out again. It's like a stained glass window when light shines through. Fun for lying under and looking at the pattern, fun for making a fort, fun for playing games under.

And it's done.
Ok except for the binding.
Oh yah and the sibling quilt in primary colors. What do you think cam we get it done by May 12? Anyone interested in helping?


Tanya said...

we can totally get it done....set it up And this one looks amazing!! So excited that you guys got it done...

Becca said...

you are amazing, how you do do these quilts??? seriously, they are beautiful I wish I had the skill and patience to do something like that.

Maggie said...

It looks fabulous, especially the "stained glass" view. Can you post a bigger picture?

And.... Yes, you can get it done... and I recommend it. You and Val are both here, the quilt is here, quilting friends are here..... I think this is a good time to get it done. I would love to help.