Friday, March 25, 2011

One in Every Color, Egg-citing

Hard boiled and everything. I'm soooo tempted.
Also tempting: fruit by the foots. We(me and Luke) buy them at Costco. Funny thing, one in every color is not preferred with these guys. There are three fake fruit flavors. Berry, strawberry,

and mystery red, yellow, green.

Mystery red yellow green is our favorite. The catch? The individual packaging gives no clues. None. Luke finally figured out why I open his and bring them to him... It's not to be nice and get rid of his trash. The last box we got had all berry. We were going nuts. Every single one. Then Luke had to leave. I get back from dropping him off at the airport, was feeling rather sorry for myself about everything and grabbed three for "comfort." All had yellow. Matthew 5:4. Weird little things remind me He's there, and he has a plan. We just gotta get through the layer on top.


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Oh, the layers! Keep going! He is there! Love, janice

Becca said...

those eggs look cool but the thought of eating them is slightly suspect...i want to see the jessica version of one in every color eggs! keep that cute chin up sista ;)

Tracy said...

When we buy the box of Fruit by the Foot at Costco, the boys found that on the white seam the flavor is printed really small. They dig through to find what flavor they like. Maybe they stopped printing it though?