Monday, May 6, 2013


Okay. Seriously. The good teaching days soooo out weigh the rough ones. I'm finally getting to see students consistently. I'm getting to know them and their interests and we're establishing what we expect from each other. These kids are cool! They know how to work on cars, they have opinions about music, they do their own hair(some if them do very intricately) they are learning to become individuals! I love it!
We've just finished a Frog unit in 7th grade and are getting ready for some basic anatomy. I made bone models the other night. They're going to take pictures of the pieces apart and label them using an iPad app that will record their voices and explanations while they write their labels.

Then they'll assemble the "bones" and create another labeled photograph.
I'm also thrilled with all of the progress of my fiber students/group! These are Jan's first felted Duffers and Tami is a brand new crocheter and made that fabulous afghan!

We have gotten two great groups going, one on Thursday's and one on Saturdays. I love to see what everyone is working on and encourage them in their projects. It's such a great time for fellowship. It's a time where we share skills, stories, experience, advice, sorrows, joy, and support for each other! I am so blessed!

The children are still doing well. We keep getting snow and frost so I bring them into their bench in the garage. I keep telling them they're getting too big to be carried. Just this weekend I had to make new little newspaper pots for the tomatoes and peppers who out grew their dirt pods.

I've actually gone out to the driving range a couple of times this summer! Toms are my most recently chosen golf shoes. I like to hit balls on the range barefoot and this feels pretty close as they're nicely broken in. Check out the pretty blue grips Luke put on his/my clubs.

We had a bit of an adventure on Saturday night. Luke had been feeling the effects of a particularly intense workout all week and when he came home with very swollen arms Saturday we marched down the street to the hospital. (Ok it there was a bit more before that but I digress.)
Luke was less than thrilled about being there. However, after several hours of listening to his drunken Somalian roommates we were sent home with a guesstimates of Compartment Syndrome and directions to take it very easy, ice, drink TONS, and elevate. A trip to the doctor today confirmed the diagnosis, that Luke is on the path to getting better, and that its a good thing we went in when we did. Luke is no longer giving me glares.
This forced time off to heal and rest has been rather nice. In fact, this evening was soooo enjoyable. It was quiet, and relaxing.

I tend to talk to Luke when he reads so I picked up my "no talking" (intricate lacework) knitting and we were just together. We took a break for a dinner of goat cheese, apricot and almond stuffed chicken with green beans. This is the second time making it in two weeks but its tasty.

Here is my work in progress. It's a bit of a frustrating knit but I'm really enjoying the Spud and Chloe yarn. The kicker is that one row is over 300 stitches now. They're taking quite some time. Though for this evening, it was the perfect project.
Ahhhh. You're all caught up and I'm relaxed so I'm calling it an early night. I send out prayers that you're enjoying some blessings of your own!
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Grandma G said...

I'd never heard of Compartment Syndrome before, but some researching filled me in (my learn-something-new for today). Wow... serious stuff! Glad you caught it when you did! Praying Luke is completely well soon....

Your "children" look beautiful! :)

Live a Colorful Life said...

I just LOVED this post, Jessie! It was touching, heartwarming and funny. Glad Luke is getting better. (I also love it that he is such an avid reader...). Wish I was a part of one of those groups--looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing you. Less than a month!!