Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Luke Update II

Luke is going a bit stir crazy. This is how I found him after school.

Beds are overrated. He said that position helped him keep his arms up to let the swelling go down.
He was on IV drip all day. His tests from this morning his docor said that the "bad numbers," he used the official word, were down by half but were still 6 times what they should be.

They've been pushing the fluids full force to see if maybe he can go home tonight and actually get some sleep. Fluids full force means hourly+ bathroom trips.

In spite of that, he's still drinking as much as he can.
Word on the street was that there was a storm coming in. I had walked to the hospital in a t-shirt and sweats. Additionally, they weren't going to let Luke come home in the storm without a car. After seeing this storm on the map at 6:20 I headed home arriving on our front porch as giant drops were beginning to fall.

This is what it looked like rolling in at 6:20 PM.

And looking at Luke's room:

At 7 it was pitch black. The wind almost blew me forward and down and the hail may have left me with a bruise.

Now it seems to have let up a bit and we can see some sky again.

Luke is IV free and waiting for blood test results which will be the determining factor in whether he can go home or not.

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Deb Friesen said...

I would have missed this if I hadn't revved up my facebook tonight. Sounds like the hospital experience was about as boring as it gets. It's a bad place to be but when you gotta you gotta! Praying for Luke's health to improve. Love to you both.
Deb F