Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drive to a Fly-In, Plant Parenting, Etched in Glass

*Disclaimer, This ought to be three separate posts, but with the weekend rapidly coming to an end, and allergies getting the best of me, it is one post with three titles.

Saturday I had a fun field trip to a Fly In with my friend Mary! 
Ironically, we drove. We had an all girl caravan of drivers with unique cars. (I drove my Daisy bug, while she's not old, she is manual and does turn some heads.)
 I love this picture of Mary because it's so her! Her tires needed air so she just grabbed that air compressor hose and hauled it out there. (The part that makes her a kindred spirit is that it didn't quite reach so she had to move her car closer anyway. I totally do stuff like that all the time!)

 I loved that this airplane matched Mary's car buttercup!
The plane below was built by it's owner! His wife even helped with the riveting!
 These top wings reminded me of the kind of planes my Grandpa Jim and Grandma Dixie flew! (And the one Uncle Doug and Aunt Grace took us to Pismo in!)
 On my way home, I called my dad and said, "Have you ever been to a fly in?! It was soooo cool!" He said they went all the time when he was a kid....I guess things don't seem like such a big deal when your parents make you go. Here's Mary taking lots of pictures for the newsletter "Fly Paper."
 We've been meaning to get a picture of Daisy and Buttercup together, so after knitting Saturday afternoon I pulled my car behind hers and took a picture. Daisy looks so much bigger than Buttercup!
 I tried to get a picture of us with the cars, but it was having trouble focusing. Wouldn't you know it the picture takes as soon as I start laughing because its not working and Mary rolls her eyes?!
It was quite the fun Saturday and another new Kansas experience!

I spent part of today, Mother's Day, with "the children."
I had planted some Snow Peas at the community garden a while back, but had long since given up on them due to the snows we had this spring. Turns out, all they needed was for their mother to leave them alone.
 I took 12 plants to live with their siblings in the community garden. One of each variety of pepper/tomato I started from seed. All the shoveling, hoeing, planting and watering gave me quite a bit of time to reflect on my mom, how much I miss her, how much I learned from her and wish I could still learn, as well as how blessed I am with SO MANY, AMAZING role model women in my life to get advice from, be creative with, and enjoy their company. All of these interactions connect me with her in many ways as well.
 My friend Pat gave me some day lilies to plant on the West end of our house. I'm looking forward to them adding some dimension along that wall...and maybe helping that big sprinkler hub blend in. The oregano she divided and shared with me is doing splendidly as well! I never knew so much sharing could happen in gardening! I'm so lucky to be learning from her and hope that I might get the chance to pay some plants forward as well!
 Also... our grass is GROWING!
and the leaves are finally making an appearance! 
(Not for lack of trying but the weather just hasn't been cooperating.)
 Also making an appearance are my allergies. After all that time outside, I've been congested the rest of the day. Time for an inside project. I've been wanting try etching our name into our Pyrex pans for a while now. I got the cream on an adventure into a town with a craft store and used the vinyl decal paper that came with the Cricut we got for a wedding present. Thanks M&C!
 Lo and behold the recommended settings worked perfectly, and I had the letters and place the letters came out of to stick on to the pans and apply the etching cream. I used painters tape to make my straight line borders and protect areas I didn't want etched because it's waaaaay cheaper than Cricut decal paper.
 The directions say leave it on for 60 seconds. I found that this did not do the trick.
 So I reapplied the tape and left it on for 30 minutes. Ahhhh much better. I did a couple rounds for good measure and even crisp etching.
 Here you can see the outer rectangle more clearly.
 This is the second one I did, with the part of the page the letters were cut out of. 

I'm pretty happy with the final product. The other pinners and bloggers were right. 
Now I want to etch everything!!!


Mark said...

I remember the Fly Ins that I went to and the one I went to always had homemade ice cream. Haven't been to one since we left Kansas.

I like the etching and the use of the Cricut. Your etching has given me an idea for my glass. I will want more info from you.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Wow I love that etching project!