Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Luke, Status Update

Well, many of you have heard, Luke in in the hospital for an over night stay. He has a case of Compartment Syndrome in his arms. He is not in pain. His doctor didn't like how the numbers on his blood work and urine samples came back and decided it would be best to flush them all out of his system with extra IV fluids. His fluid IV is the only thing he's hooked up to. (Well other than his iPad.)

He made work calls from his bed before I got there after work and in the last two days of ordered rest he's finished two books. Right now he's going between the Indiana/New York basketball game and the third book of the "I Am Number 4" series.

One thing that is kind of nice for us, we can see our front door from his room window.
We're kind of in limbo. It seems kind of silly to get super worked up when he seems so "OK." At the same time we're wanting to be as cautious as possible and take this seriously so that it doesn't worsen.
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Grandma G said...

Glad the doctors are on top of things. And that you don't have far to go home to bed. :)

Saying more prayers that he's back to normal soon!

Becky said...

Gosh! Hope he's OK! Wishing him a fast and successful recovery!