Friday, May 31, 2013

Finish it Up Friday

I finished a whole handful of skirts!
These two were made solely for the purpose of having a reason to wear these shoes.

On the left is Flora in the Alchemy line by Amy Butler. On the right is Stella 203 by Dear Stella.
The right skirt is inspired by this Pleated Chevron Skirt tutorial by Crafty Cupboard. I say inspired because I follow tutorials and patterns the way I cook from a recipe. Barely. By the time I'm done I've fudged so much it can hardly be from a pattern.  The left skirt is loosely based on a bunch of shirred skirt tutorials from Pinterest. Then I slid some elastic between the top two rows of shirring to make it sturdier. All have pockets inspired by the Chevron Skirt.

This next one is because I LOVE this fabric! Okay really I love all the fabric but these colors are me to the Nth degree.

I made the skirt and the bag which was supposed to be just a simple little project bag....that got a zipper, decorative stitching on the straps etc. Pat W's picture has better lighting.

I have a small square of this fabric left and I'm saving hoarding it for something special!
The binding on this crib size quilt is finally finished! Mary started it a while back, passed the blocks to me recently, I assembled and quilted this project and Val and I both worked on the binding this weekend so she could practice!

It's a group project! It will go to Kansas or Fresno MCC world relief auction.
Another WIP that has been going on for some time has been our lawn. It finally feels like a finished project as I picked up our cute lawn mower today! I kind of want to call her Poppie because of her bright orange coloring! She looks like a beetle all collapsed to go in my car.

Luke came home to change shoes just in time to help me unload her and got to take her for her first run around the lawn.

He did the edges and then I took care of the middle when he went back I work. She drives like a dream!

Maybe someday our lawn will be strong enough to apply weed killer! Yay Kansas weeds!
Dad, Cheri and Cindy are coming out this way so I picked up some grown up soda from the liquor store. (No you can't just buy it in the grocery store here.) I found these fabulous ideas. Has anyone had them before? Am I the las person on this planet to discover them?

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Jessica said...

Cute skirts! Love it! I'm trying to make a skirt and I'm just not sure if I'm going to be doing it "right," haha!

ANudge said...

Cute skirts and lovely quilt. I especially like the one with the matching bag. You have been busy.