Monday, June 24, 2013

A Botanic Monday

As y'all know I've been doing lots of galavanting about lately. I knoooow I've got to get to my blogging, email, snail mail and returning of phone calls. I thank you all for your patience. In an attempt to keep you all semi caught up on my adventures, today I went with Aunt Audrie, Chris and Nancy to the Denver Botanical Gardens! It was beautiful and fascinating!

I've only got a list of about 50 plants I just have to have in my yard now. They've got a really fun "edible garden" section that I took some fun tidbits away from.

Creative tomato caging!

This bonsai made me think of Jabba the Hutt, and the window way just shouted "make me into a quilt!"

On the roof of the parking structure is the neatest exploring garden for kiddos! They had all kinds of places for playing and activities as well as exploration labs set up along the path!

It was a great visit with lots of great learning and exploration on my part. Of course I finished my city trip of with a big haul from Costco!
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