Monday, June 10, 2013

Knit in Public Day

was on Saturday. Similarly to many other days I knit in public. Only this time Neola (the fabulous MIL) took pictures for me! We had met all of our packing for moving goals so we had some extra time for fun stuff. (I made a list at the beginning of the week. I had scheduled breaks so we didn't burn out. We went to the post office, dropped off Salvation Army donations, knit shop and lego store. You know. Important stuff! We were still burnt out by the end of the week, but really, who LIKES moving?)
I knit at Great Harvest of Grand Junction while we ate our snacks.

I knit at Kohl's while Neola made a return.
I knit at Dress Barn when we peeked in on our way to Ulta.
I knit all the way to Island Lake where John and Neola fished and I knit.

I knit at the National Forest Service station where we used the facilities and Neola took a picture with my camera that I didn't put the memory card in. Here I am taking a picture with a camera that has no memory card. 
I even knit at the hardware store we stopped at on our way home!
All in all it was a great knit in public day. Next year I think it's my goal to merge knit in public day with national doughnut day (they really fall on the same day....I just need to celebrate them both at the same time!)

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The Luedtke Family said...

I knit/crochet in public too!

I have knit/crochet at the park, the library, Bible Class on Sunday's (donation items), waiting for church to begin, parking lots waiting for preschool to end, lunch/after school, my front porch, kids baseball games, the pool, outside concerts. I am not sure about stores. I like to fish, so I'd be torn to work on my project in tow (always have one on hand) or fish with the family.

When I am somewhere with a few minutes to enjoy/wait/spend/waste and do NOT have a project, I get a bit grumpy.