Saturday, June 29, 2013

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie- Crafter Edition

My situation yesterday brought to mind the children's story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The whole story is about how if you give a mouse a cookie it will lead to him asking for a lot more things and ultimately start the cycle all over again.
Well, if a crafter makes a table, she's going to need some coasters to sit on top of it. Once she makes some coaster's she's going to need an ice cold drink to test it out. 
On one side they are a wonky log cabin made of scraps from our wedding quilt. 
On the other side I paper pieced an "N" to go with my "N" wall and "N" pillow.

Once a crafter has an ice cold drink, she's going to need to sit on her couch to drink it. Once she sits on her couch to enjoy the drink, she's going to realize it would be nice to have another pillow to go on her couch....

and so it begins again. 

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