Tuesday, June 4, 2013

WiP Wednesday-In My Garden- Herbal

I wanted to have lots of fresh herbs around for cooking and smelling. With finicky weather, and some herbs tendency to spread spread spread, I decided a stacked container herb area would be just the ticket! Since I didn't quite know how it would work, I didn't want to have too substantial of an investment in this shin dig. I got some cheapo plastic pots. One jumbo, two medium, two small. 

Place one of the medium pots inside the jumbo pot upside down and surround with soil potting soil. Place the second medium pot on top of the first and off to the side. Put one small pot upside down in the bottom of this one and repeat the process with the last small pot.

Here's the project pre- mint. I was told I wanted it too early.
In the middle tier I have basil and lavender. In the bottom tear I have another basil, green onions I grew from left overs and Rosemary.

Here it is gain after I planted my delicious smelling mojito mint! 

Lastly, here it is after I stopped hauling it in to protect it from the elements, it got battered by a hail storm, and is slowly but steadily working on it's recovery. The green onions grow like crazy and I have to trim them back whether I intend to use them on food or not. Cindy over at Live a Colorful Life posted this picture of it on Instagram a couple days ago

and I realized I'd never posted a picture of it as a WiP so here they are and I'm linking up with WiP Wednesday with Lee at Fresh Lemon Quilts!


Janice Porter said...

Love the idea! Cooking is SO much better with fresh herbs. I am blessed with great weather now and have oregano, thyme, chives, parsley and my first-time leeks! Go gardeners!

Sara said...

This is a quick project I bet and how fun to have fresh delicious herbs at your fingertips:)