Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finishing Touches- Mariner's Compass

Well you all remember back in February when we went to Dallas and dropped off that fabulous blue and white Mariner's Compass quilt top with Kathy Bradbury of Bear Paw Machine Quilters? Well she was busy, busy, BUSY working on that quilt! Not so busy that she didn't have time to send me updates on the quilt! It's like she knew what a special quilt it is to all of us, and she treated it with the same care! (Seriously folks, Kathy rocks.) Here are some of the machine quilting "in-progress" shots.
 The markings for the white block quilting. You can see where she included extra batting so the design would really show and it'd give more of a trapunto look.

 Seriously it was better than watching my plants grow!
After this quilt had been on her machine for !!!3 weeks!!! it was time for Valerie to go pick it up! Kathy even got pictures of that!

She was ecstatic to have it and even put it on their bed un trimmed and un bound.

The timing was seriously perfect because Valerie and Matt were coming to visit us the next weekend! It was our job to get the quilt trimmed and bound so that we could take it to Olten and finish binding it with Aunt Lois and Aunt Maggie!
Val was experiencing frustration binding the "special quilt" so she worked on another quilt I needed to bind while I got to binding theirs!
I got about half of the binding done during that weekend, but then it was off to the races with other visitors and trips so everything was more or less on pause until Valerie and I met Aunt Lois, Doc, and Aunt Maggie in Olton, TX. It was great family time, and the perfect chance for four Harper women (Uncle Doc calls our specific Harper Girl traits the "H1 gene") to finish up the last steps on this quilt.
Of course, Jolly Quilter's were in order!
As was LOTS of visiting! 
and maaaaaybe some sewing.

Especially some celebrating when it was ALL finished! 
L-R: Aunt Lois, Me, Aunt Maggie, Valerie
Stay tuned for the big reveal!
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