Saturday, June 29, 2013

Matched, Crossed, Reached

This evening, while knitting on a scarf that will take me forever, I finished listening to the Matched book series by Ally Condie. Yes, it is most definitely young adult literature. Yes, it is most definitely cheesy. Yes, the story could have been written in fewer words.
It has some interesting themes and patterns that make these books particularly interesting and moderately thought provoking.

1.) Color (let the covers be a clue, they come through in the writing over and over again.)
2.) Choice
3.) Expression
4.) Classic pieces of art, literature, poetry and music
5.) Health
6.) Home
7.) Currency, Value

  These books were clearly planned as a three part series and I think they would be very fun to read with a group of young people (or people who are young at heart) and explore some of the paths that these reoccurring ideas open up.

Call me weird but I wish the love story had been left out.

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