Thursday, June 6, 2013

Really Random Thursday!-Lots of Visiting!

We've had lots of visits in Garden City and now I'm visiting in Grand Junction, Colorado! Its been TONS of fun getting to see so many people I don't normally get to see! I've been really bad at remembering to take pictures but here are some I DID take and some I snagged from other people! Enjoy the randomness!
 The garden has been a recurring theme in my year. I decided to try using shredded paper to mulch some of my plants to keep out the weeds and keep moisture in! Right after I did it, I felt really goofy. Like, "what have I done?!" Now, I'm actually pretty pleased with it. It's more or less staying put and doing its' job! I think in the future I'd prefer to use shredded paper that hasn't been bleached white but what's done is done this season!
 Matt and Val came to visit us. I had to take the typical guy shot of the two of them watching a game. I think this one was a basketball game that Luke had recorded and saved so they could both see it sfter the long drive for Matt and Val and long day of work for Luke.
 Valerie brought her wedding quilt, which deserves a big long post that I want to give lots of attention to, BUT she wanted to practice binding so she worked on this smaller quilt...
 and I started working on the binding for her big ol' wedding quilt!
 It was a three day weekend and Luke had events at the course, so we joined him there! Val practiced driving the cart in the parking lot!
 Val, Matt and I got some practice in at the driving range. We may make a golf foursome yet! Just pleaaase please please please let it be a best ball tournament.
 Look! Val puts the ball on the tee like me!

We had all been wearing sandals for the pool side BBQ so we opted to golf barefoot. Val called it hillbilly golf. I called it normal.
 We also went and explored the Garden City Zoo! Everyone had told me how nice it was, but I was still very pleasantly surprised!

The next weekend, Dad, Cheri, and Cindy were in the area visiting!
The following 6 photos are courtesy of Cindy over at Live a Colorful Life.
We had dinner at Trudy's beautiful house with some of her fabulous family!
 Here I am with Mindi and Kaitley! Mindi's kids are a hoot and I can't wait to hang out with them again!
 The next day, Sunday, we hung out in Garden City! I got to introduce my dad to his "Grandchildren" at the Community Garden and he and Cheri gave them lots of water, TLC and even some "tough love as we staked them up. I'm trying out the Florida Weave method for staking up the tomatoes. Then we went over to Luke's work and had a great lunch on the patio! The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

 It was so fun to have them there! I felt like quite the diva showing everyone around! Trudy was taking the picture!
 That night we taught Cheri how to play Pinochle! It's a pretty important game for the Harper AND Nickodemus clans.
 When Dad and Cheri were headed back to the Denver Airport, I caravaned with them. Dad drove my car and Cheri drove their rental. It was super nice because I was continuing on four and a half more hours to Grand Junction to help my In-Laws pack for their big move! It would seem the Kansas weather followed me to Colorado because we had a major windy day that left a trampoline hanging from this tree...

Here's a close up the next day.
 I'm not sure when I'll be in Grand Junction again so we're hitting up important places like Enstrom's for yummy chocolate...
and Tangle's yarn shop which is one of my favorites!!
Neola and I each wore one of our skirts that I had made (we each have a blue and green one) and as we were lusting after yarn we realized that we had switched color palates for the day! She was wearing my normal blues and greens (see my purse) and I was wearing her reds and oranges (see her purse!)

Another afternoon two fun friends of Neola's from bible study brought over a great picnic lunch and we had a delicious salad, bread, cookies and lemonade! 

Julie and her handy basket! She even brought ice!
 Julie, Neola and Sarah

It's been so great to see so many people! I'm even looking forward to next weekend in Texas! The fun never stops!

I'm linking up with Cindy over at Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday!


Quilting Nonnie said...

Great weekend. It's so much fun to have friends and/or family to your neck of the woods and show them around!

Live a Colorful Life said...

This was the BEST weekend I have had in the longest time! Super good to see you.

The Luedtke Family said...

So much fun, so much visiting, so many people. Looks like a grand time had by all!