Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things

25 Random Things

1.)I used to play World of Warcraft. I had a level 70 Priest.
2.)I just learned to knit less than a year ago and I love it! (Even if it makes me an “old woman”)
3.)I’m addicted to the Twilight series…especially that special Anne of Green Gables Dress. I have no idea what it looks like but it’s fabulous I’m sure.
4.)I have 14 pairs of black shoes.
5.)I’ve been saving blue glass bottles since high school.
6.)Yellow is my least favorite color…and I drive a yellow bug. I think the rims counteract the yellow-ness.
7.)I have a jar of broken golf tees in my room. Every time I go somewhere golf-ish (more frequently now that I go places with Luke), I grab broken tees from the range or tee boxes and take em home to add to my jar.
8.)I don’t really wear jewelry. If I put on a necklace it stays there for a month. I love wearing my mom’s old silver band ring but I think I’m wearing it out. I’m pretty hard of rings.
9.)I don’t like rice. I like rice pudding, and over steamed rice drenched in butter and jam, but that’s it.
10.)I wear men’s deodorant. Old Spice Sport, to be exact.
11.)I love lounging in the sun like a cat.
12.)I wrestled at Pinedale when I was in the 4th, 5th and 6th Grade.
13.)I HATED Jr High and High School. With a passion. I think I had meltdowns before the first day every year. Sure there were good parts, but I wouldn’t go back!
14.)I have an interview process/list of requirements for whoever I date. We keep dating until the list doesn’t match up or I get a ring J. Some of the weirdest things: can drive a manual car, will read out loud to me, will sweep and mop (I vacuum)
15.)I like getting History DVD’s from Netflix. Last night I watched one about Jamestown.
16.) I would like to spend some time teaching in an American School abroad, like in one of my favorite books Bloomability by Sharon Creech. Maybe Germany, Italy, Switzerland, or something.
17.)I’ve been planning imaginary weddings since I was in the third grade. At one point I had a binder. Now I have power points.
18.) I could watch John and Kate Plus 8 for days.
19.) I am afraid of mattresses and unfriendly people/animal germs. I’ll lay in the dirt but don’t make me touch a sketchy couch, or any bare mattress. Something about permeable surfaces.
20.) Fall leaves on a sunny afternoon make me swoon! Thank you U of I arboretum.
21.) Drinking my daily quota of water is a challenge.
22.) I keep my knitting patterns in a binder labeled ENV SCI 101&102. I made it really cute with stickers and cropped paper lines. I cant bear to take it out.
23.) I think outlook has the best calendar system for me. It pops up with reminders whenever I need to be somewhere.
24.)I like to dip my corn chips in Ranch Dip.
25.)I have a whole Civil War era outfit, and like to wear it any chance I get! (Choir Concerts, Civil War Reenactment, Halloween, etc.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tidbits, Jessica! But now I have a few questions for you the next time we see each other. (Men's deodorant?) Coming to College Group Sun. night? :)

James said...

Thanks for the tidbits, Jessica. But I now have a few questions for you next time I see you. (Men's deodorant?) Coming to college group Sun. night? :)

live a colorful life said...

I knew some of these, but others were a complete surprise. I think I'll go to my closet now and count my black shoes...

Katie said...

I always love these little surveys...on the subject of History DVD's, have you seen the John Adam's HBO series? It is really wonderful. I'd highly recommend it.