Friday, February 13, 2009

What a Love-ly Day

Many people despise Valentine's day, calling it overrated and "national singles awareness day" etc. True, merchants have made this day one of marketing romance, but underneath it all I still find excitement.
I like to use Valentines Day to remind people I care about and love, that I am indeed still thinking of them! Rather than thinking of chocolates and candy (well those are good too) but I think of how special it would be to wake up and find happy cards from my parents! This year at my work, the kids are having a friendship party. I remember "way back in the day" when we weren't allowed to buy those 3x2 in. cartoon character cards. Instead we made our own cards out of doilies, ribbons, and beads to let people know we love them! I remember making heart shaped cookies, frosted in pink, with each persons name carefully piped in white frosting. (Okay my mom did that.) But the lesson was learned and the cookies were good! Valentine's day isn't another day we have to buy things. It's a reminder to let people know we care!

This Valentines day started early with the sighting of the Martha Stewart magazine cover, which was the inspiration for my card this year. You saw pictures of the frosting mixing, here's some fun I had with colors around the house! That and my dad's avoidance of inflated flower prices and hand delivering roses to my mom a couple weeks early! :) Then we woke up Wednesday morning to find cards from Dad outside our doors and my mom's roses (getting a little droopy) replaced with pretty red tulips! Little things that let us know he was thinking about us! He even did the grocery shopping! Haha. Anyway, I hope you have a happy day! By the time this gets posted I'll be on my way to visit Luke in Idaho. That turned out to be a happy coincidence.


live a colorful life said...

Thanks for the special card you gave us. We love you, too. Have a good time with Luke.

Susan said...

How'd you post those posts? You're not even home! We love you to - I showed dad that he "made the blog" today. Happy Valentine's Day!