Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jaunt to the Gem State

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I went back to Idaho (for a visit, that is.) It was a really good trip! While you might have been thinking "Aw Valentine's day what a romantic time to visit." we were actually doing more celebrating of Luke's brother Marks birthday, which was a lot of fun!
Friday night we did a lot of hanging out and catching up with people! I got to meet some fun new people and catch up with friends I had met during my exchange. We also premade some lasagnas for a birthday dinner we were going to have on Saturday before the Pink Party (a birthday and Valentines Day Celebration).
On Saturday Luke and I got some good quality "hang out time" in, and we went up to the closed golf course and had a picnic! I didn't even have to make my sandwich! It was really good!
The Palouse (Not sure what that is? Click Here) landscape is really starting to grow on me. I didn't find it very attractive at first but it can really be quite pretty!
After the picnic we headed back to work on dinner, and supervise the oven cooking the lasagna. We had birthday pie for dessert (requested by Mark) and Mark got to light the candles(he requested that too).

I couldnt understand why Mark liked lightning the candles so much. I tried to make the lighter work but couldnt. Everyone eating dinner with us laughed at my excited face when I finally made it work!Then people started coming over for the pink party! What's a Pink Party? You just hafta wear pink. If you're not...we dont want you! Thats a little harsh, but we did make a couple people change.

Me with three out of my four roomates from last year! Lindsey, Heather, Kelsi, and me!

Luke with Carlos and his brother. Luke plays intramural sports with Carlos.Kelsi, Laura (Matt's Girlfriend who I hung out with a lot while watching intramural sports), Matt (one of Luke's roomates last year), Mark

I also got to meet and get to know Melanie (one of Luke's Business group members) and Sophia. Very much kindred spirits!Luke and Fred (lives on the third floor apartment above Luke)

These guys just showed up. We're not exactly sure who they are but I took a picture because they were too funny! Made me think of a "Boy Band!" I guess they just went to the Salvation Army story and grabbed some pink womens clothing. All their sleeve seems were ripped because they needed more moving room.

Throughout the four day adventure that was not nearly long enough we went to Moscow Bagel 3 times, watched a couple movies, and did a little homework! It was a really good trip, and I allready got a ticket to go back in April!


Jamie said...

Oh you guys are so funny! I loved your pink party pictures! You and your party's just fabulous!

Neola said...

Glad you had a great trip. The pictures look like you all had a great time. I especially like the variety of "pink" that people chose to wear.