Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swatches- A Yarn Studio at Gazebo Gardens

Many of you may know I have been searching for a Kindred Spirit Yarn shop in the Fresno area. While Janna's (pronounced Yanna's)Needle Art, and Ancient Pathways had good products and pleasant service they didn't make me jump and squirm and giggle with glee! Then I found Swatches. Located at 3204 N Van Ness Blvd, Fresno, 93704 it is a little nook with a cute porch and given a cozy garden feel by its surrounding business Gazebo Gardens. The owner, Fran, is very helpfull and what I would call a kindred spirit. She is very willing to order just about anything you're interested in, and has a two page list of classes. The shop is new so it's not quite The Web-sters or Keep Me In Stitches, but I'll take it!

Shop Hours are:

Wednesday -Saturday 11:00 5:30

Sunday 11:00-4:00

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