Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Tonight I finished assembling 1930's Chip's and Dip friendship quilt blocks with my sashing!(is that the right terminology? Do I mean setting? Wait that's jewlery.) This is very, very exciting! I designed the sashing pattern myself!
If that sounded like gibberish, here's some background:
A friendship quilt is when you make a 12 of one quilt block and then trade with 11 other friends who made a quilt block so you end up with 12 different blocks.
This particular one is made from a pattern called "Chips and Dip" or something like that. We also all used 1930's remake fabric.
You might notice that there are some repeats in this one. This is why:
My mom and I both participated in the exchange. She is a major fan of the reds and blues, I really really like the purple. We decided to divide the blocks by color and make two twin quilts one pastel and one primary. She ended up with more blocks or something, so I am including 4 extra blocks. Three that my mother had made when she was playing with the fabric, and one that I made just at the end, and LOVE! Can you find it? Its the one with teal/green and purple.

So the quilt top isn't done. I still need to add some borders, assemble the top with batting and backing, and bind it, but I couldn't help but share! Yay!!


Tanya said...

Oh Jess this looks awesome!!! I love the setting you have put it into and love your creativeness in being able to design it yourself. I was looking at the picture and for the life of me couldn't find my block...then I read further and found out why--I'm a red blue and yellow girl myself so I will likely see mine show up in your mom's quilt. Fun!

live a colorful life said...

I love your sashing, Jess. Very creative design! I also love block exchanges with my friends. Is that too much "love"? Oh, well,it's Valentine's week.