Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Went to Watch Wicked

Say that one three times fast! Many of these pictures may look familiar. They come from Cindy, and her blog Live a Colorful Life. Anyway last weekend my mom, dad, Cindy (Around the Block mom), Mark (Around the Block dad), Valerie, and I all piled into the pilot and headed to San Francisco to watch Wicked on Sunday. But what about Saturday you may ask?
First thing we did after we were all settled into our hotel was to meet up with our (Val and Jess's) second cousin Jamie, who lives in San Francisco. He was on a hunt for a violin because he had his first lesson the following Wednesday. So we all met this character...and Jamie had an audience while checking the violins out! We all head lunch and then Jamie saw us off on the famous San Francisco cable cars.
The cable car line ends up down and the water and very conveniently near GhirardelliSquare! We made our way to the chocolate kingdom. On the way we saw some interesting things:

Unique City tour method!

And Mark working his way into wedding pictures!
Here Cindy is showing off one of the funnier things we saw in the City!
Onward to Ghirardelli, they have the best chocolate ice cream topping. I don't know that it counts as hot fudge. But they warm it up and put it on the ice cream...must stop, I'm drooling.

Val's sundae had whipped cream! Mmm!

Sunday morning we woke up to big winds and, well, San Francisco weather.

We had breakfast at the top of our hotel and I got to eat my four specially picked macadamia nuts! Then Mom, Val, Cindy and I went to a lounge room to read (It was soooo cozy and relaxing!) Mark went to read his newspaper in his favorite place (bed) and my dad went to check out the bookstore and Nike Town! Then we checked out of the hotel and headed to the Orpheum Theatre to see Wicked!!

The show was fabulous! My favorite character was Galinda/Glinda. Kendra Kassebaum was PERFECT for the part! It was a great weekend! Wicked Weekend?


live a colorful life said...

We've done the "W's." Now on to the "B's" in December when we do Beach Blanket Babylon! Must start thinking of blog post titles....

Anonymous said...

why were people having a wedding outside where people like mark could just get right into their pictures?