Monday, February 23, 2009

Pondering Production-Quite the Pickle

My mom showed me this comic from the Fresno Bee the other day. I laughed. Let's just say Luke is glad I showed his brothers how to make hats.
The other day a little boy was watching me knit for a little bit at work (the kids were watching a movie because it was raining outside and there are too many of them too all be running around playing. Anyway the notoriously "macho" (for lack of better words) father looked less than thrilled that his son was interested in knitting.
But seriously...
Knitting and crocheting teaches kids lots of thing:
Fine Motor Skills (You wouldn't want a doctor or mechanic without those would you?)
How to Read Directions
and much more...just trying to get the point across. :)


Susan said...

That's right! If Rosy Greer can needlepoint, fathers don't have anything to worry about. Waldorf Education teaches knitting as part of its Kindergarten education. It would solve the "I'm bored" problem.

Anonymous said...

now, in my defense i don't have a problem with my brothers learning to knit, it is widely known that girls have better fine moter skills due to them playing with dolls and changing their clothes. I do however have no desire to learn myself, when i can buy a hat for roughly the same as the yarn to make one would cost.