Thursday, April 16, 2009

Really are Pals!

So I've got this love of creating, appreciation of color and color therapy. When I go into a store (yarn, fabric, paper), I feel the vibes or I don't. Love it or leave it sort of thing. The Web*sters and Lynda's Keep Me in Stitches take the cake for yarn shops. Quilters Paradise holds the title for Fabric Store, and now, Paper Pals proves itself in paper! I went to Moscow knowing I really needed to get some invitations out, but figured I'd just have to buy sup lies there. Then I remembered a scrabooking store that hosted classes in Moscow (across the street from the quilt shop.) I drove by and much to my dismay it was closed down, abandoned. What was I to do. When purchasing ribbon at JoAnnes I thought to ask one of their employees if they knew of a place that might host scrapbooking workshops since the other one had closed and she told me they still had their original location in Pullman! Woohoo!
Here you can kind of see the work tables and all the cool tools in the work station.

Check out all the colors, in order, and on display! I think I could sit an look at them for hours! Yay color therapy!

And guess what!? They wanted to inspire ME! They were so helpful! They even amped up my enthusiasm by being energetic, throwing out fun ideas, and teaching me new tips and tricks! I kept thinking to myself (and sometimes saying) "Oh my gosh this is awesome" and "I'm having so much fun!" in that giddy can't contain myself voice!

Shawna was in the store both days I stopped by. I learned about a cool project that can be done with newspaper here, on her blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed her company, as well as the other woman who was there, I think it was Karen? (She left before I remembered to take pictures.) Anyway, both were kindred spirits, when I left, I felt richer in friends...definitely poorer in the pocketbook though. I could spend a LOT there! There's more to come on what I made while in Paper Pals!


Neola said...

Looks like alot of fun! Looking forward to seeing the projects.

Shawna said...

Thanks for the super cool post! I had a great time visiting with you!

Anonymous said...

what you have a giddy i can't contain myself voice? since when? i don't think i have ever heard that one before... okay maybe once or twice... in referance to yarn