Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stick a FORK in them theyre done.

Yep, I'm so obsessed with Twilight I'm co-hosting a party! These are some of
what I worked on in Paper Pals over spring break!
On the inside I found a way to make a text box translucent since watermarking the book cover image didn't do what I wanted to the image. I found the Twilight book cover font online. And that red strip? Well you can see below how it shows of the special decorative trimming I did on the edge of the card front. The ribbon tying the invitation closed is representative of the cover of Eclipse (book 3). All the return addresses have character names as the sender. Because all the guests are fellow Twilight fans, I tried to pick favorites of people I knew or have some sort of connection. Tracy got Bella because she identifies with Bella, Tanya got hers from Jacob Black because she roots for him, my mom and Cindy got theirs from Esme because that's who they "are" and Jennifer O got hers from Alice because that's who "my character" is and she put that on my quilting in the Pines name card.
The icing on the cake was that I sent them all to Forks, WA to be postmarked. Most of the books take place in Forks, and the concept of special postmarks is growing on me! (I sent all my Valentines to Loveland, CO to be postmarked!) The postmaster was, thankfully, careful to put the part that says Forks right over dear Mr. Edgar A. Poe's face so we could see it. I was nervous about that part turning out!

Stay tuned for more fun event details!


Heather said...

How did you arrainge for the far away postmark? That is such a great idea!

JHRME said...

Put them all in one envelope and mail them to the postmaster of the place you want the postmark for.
Post Office Address
Town, State, Zip
Then the postmaster opens the package and marks the envelopes and sends them on their way!

Tracy said...

I had to go and pull out my invitation and... no way... it IS from Forks! I particularly enjoyed the postage stamp. What a clever gal you are! You are TOTALLY an Alice!

Anonymous said...

they turned out good... why the edgar alan poe stamps? well if jess is an alice then i will be jasper... i guess im okay at controling people's emotions. ahaha