Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finders Keepers

Or at least until you find these too! There have been some comments regarding Twilight party food and as I like to say: Sharing is caring! I'm going to let you in on some of the food "not so" secrets. I purchased the drinks in the pretty tall bottles from Cost Plus World Market. (Honestly, the cranberry juice was at the dollar store.)

I got this Raspberry soda along with its sister, Pomagranate soda on sale. They came with reccomendations from the employees. I really liked the pomagranate. The left over raspberry made for a better ice cream float though.

This Cranberry juice with bubbling spring water...well I liked the packaging, liked the color, and love the bottle. Unfortunately Im not the biggest cranberry fan. I prefer it mixed with grape or "something." It also doesnt have an extremely long life once opened. But if you like cranberry I say check it out!
I, in all my years of wisdom or lack there of, decided to not listen to the "Hostess with the Mostess" (designer of the drink labels) and figured why soak the bottles in water to take the label off if I have Goo Gone. Well that was pretty labor intensive. On the last two I finally thought, OK. Ill soak them. Well ladies (and gentlemen) the lables came right off. I felt like a sucker. So please, if you're removing labels, attempt a soak first!

The pasta was a suprising find! I had ducked in to Marshalls on a hunt for glass decorative containers. On my way out I saw they have a neat little food aisle. I checked it out for anything new in black and red and there on the bottom shelf were these pastas! I was going to have to hunt in Whole Foods for them and wasnt even sure they would be there! AND I got them for six dollars a package instead of $12! Score!

Last was the chips! The blue chips actually look very black so they were in and are once again found at Cost Plus World Market. The red chips were found on a stroll through Save Mart!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Hi! I wanted to give you info on creating the centerpiece you commented on. First of all you can grow wheat grass in a few long trays and put them up against each other to create one long "runner". Then just wrap the outside of the tray with ribbon for a decorative touch. Flowers can be inserted into little viles you get from the florist and stuck into the wheat grass soil. OR you can recreate the look using faux grass sitting on top of craft foam sheets, and insert faux flower stems into the foam. I hope this all helps. Thanks for reading!