Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pondering Production-Making Connections

Most people are connected to knitting whether they know it or not. If you don't believe me (or if you now someone who thinks knitting isnt a part of their life), get a magnifying glass and have a good look at the T-shirt you're wearing or your commercially made socks. They are all knitted...knitting is everywhere. In fact, a run in a pair of panty hose? It's just a dropped stitch. Yarn Harlot from Never Not Knitting! Page-A-Day Calendar.
I had the most fun explaining this concept to Dan the science whiz at College group dinner one night. He seemed so mystified! It was fun to have the chance to give him the same experience he had given me when he was explaining concepts of atomic warfare. Random conversation I know...but when I left, I felt smarter!

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Susan said...

You are smarter! Your CSET scores prove it...congratulations! (beat you to it).