Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yep, I know, I'm waaaay behind! I've got lots to catch up on...about two weeks worth, I'll get going! (Starting with the oldest at the beginning and working my way up to the present!

Just after Luke visited for his spring break, and we celebrated his 21st birthday, Val's boyfriend Matt came into town for his spring break...and we celebrated his 21st birthday. Just after Matt's 21st birthday (one day after, to be exact) was my dad's birthday so we were busy busy busy! While Matt was here, my mom and I were doing some serious sewing. Val and Matt must have been inspired because they busted out the (my) card making and bear costuming supplies!

Leonard was a Lion! Rawr!
Gunther was a bunny! She even gave him a little "cotton" tail! Haha
I also learned how to use the camera's color filter. Can you tell I was having fun playing with it?
Then I headed up to visit Luke, and my friends up in Idaho for spring break!
We had a golf/tennis pro party in honor of The Masters. (A prestigious golf tournament that takes place at Augusta) Check out Luke's knickers! He went without the socks since they are for some reason missing. Have you seen them? He claims he was making a fashion statement!
Lindsay was a little behind in arriving so the one above is me with all my roommates minus Lindsay (L-R Me, Kelsi, Heather, Celine) and below is the "roomies" plus Lindsay's friend Becca. (L-R) Me, Heather, Celine, Kelsi, Heather, Becca)
Luke's friend Fred (pictured below) isn't a PGM major, so he didn't really have a whole lot of golf attire. Luke and I...well probably mostly I, insisted he at least wear one of Luke's hats.
This is Melanie, Molly, and Amanda. Melanie and Amanda are Luke's group members for his business classes, and Molly is Amanda's sister! I've gotten to know them really well this year. Total kindred spirits!
Melanie came as "Tiger," can you see her name tag? Its the only way you'd know!

This guy came as a tennis pro, and to see him with Luke just made me laugh. Quite the pair. Had to take and share this one! There were lots of polos...and just as much argyle!
We also had a more mellow gathering with some friends as a sort of group 21st birthday celebration. Taco and margarita night!
The boys were there too...but not as interested in taking photos!
Now this may be more related to Cindy's post but I have to share because it's too attractive! When visiting various college student's apartments in the town of Moscow there is a tendency of the inhabitants to display various alcohol beverage bottles...sort of like a show case. Normally they didnt really impress me, and are often a sign of dirtiness...this one, however, offered a great dose of color therapy and entertainment.
Its almost as good as buying an Old Navy socks, or even t-shirts in every color...right?

You'll be glad to know that we didn't have a party every night, and that things were, in fact, quite a bit more productive. Luke, and the other U of I students were not on Spring Break, they had theirs back in March, so they were all still having to deal with life. Luke even had to do some working. So I did a very sufficient job keeping myself moderately busy. (Super busy wouldn't have been relaxing!) The weather swayed in my favor starting with snow the day I arrived and turning to nice 74 degree days! It got a little chilly toward the end of the week but considering it was raining hard in Fresno, I took it! I walked to the golf course, which was finally able to open!
On the way I saw this funny sign. One you would never see in Fresno. At least not that I know of.
It reads: "Your wife says its okay to buy a new gun." Chuckle...
I also arranged for Mark and Luke to get haircuts while I was there. Mark was sick so he wasn't too up to pictures but here are the before and afters of the haircut.
Before, and on his way to a business class presentation.
After, and just before work at the golf course. (He hadn't changed yet though.)
I went to one yarn store, and two fabric stores (one of which had Amy Buttler fabric. I bought some.) I also came across this fabulous store:
BUT it deserves its own post. Coming soon! With lots of detail.
I was there until the day after Easter, so we got to celebrate the joyous day together! The Easter bunny even left Luke a special basket. (All my mom...I wasn't going to be that motivated! haha) Apparently the Bunny didn't get the memo that I was going to be in Idaho, because my basket was still waiting at home! Before the masters were over (much to Luke's dismay) we headed north to visit some of my family, eat a delicious Easter dinner, and relax before Luke had to drop me off at the Spokane airport at 5:45 in the morning. Uck! I had a great time! I'm anxious to go back, but am spending some much needed time here getting things in order.


live a colorful life said...

I love the title. And all the pictures. I might have to snag the one of the smirnoff bottles...just because of the rainbow of colors.

Neola said...

Last time I saw Luke's socks were in Mark's truck at spring break. guess is that Mark still has them???