Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quite the Quilter!

Yesterday, Tuesday, Aunt Grace, Katie, Uncle Jim, and Grandma joined us for some mashed potatoes, tri-tip, etc. BUT That's not the point. The point is this: Katie was checking out the quilt on the clingy wonder wall and was interested! I was explaining and thought "Aha! This is a teaching moment!" (Good thing I was still in my school work clothes? Haha eek those shirts are so blue!) So anyway, I did just that! I taught her some of the basics! First I let her play with the fabric and put it on the wonder wall, then, I let her pick some favorites and she cut out squares to put in her quilt! Then SHE got to sew them together with the little featherweight! Her legs were long enough to reach the "gas" so I let her go for it!
Then she cut out backing and batting to go in the middle (all by herself!)
Last she put quilting stitches going diagonally in both directions to make little quilted diamonds! Its a real quilt!
You can see her fabric arranging on the wall behind her!
It was soooo much fun! I loved how excited she got! (Okay I was excited too!) We're gonna work on some knitting stuff when we're both up there next week!


Anonymous said...

wow you got her working to become an old woman as early as you started! yay!

Jamie said...

You are such a great teacher to recognize those "teachable" moments! And that will transfer to being a great mom too someday! Way to go Jess!

Janice Porter said...

Yeah! Another quilting generation! Take her to the MCC Sale and teach her how to give them away! Janice

Dani said...

you're corrupting her. poor girl.

Susan said...

Don't forget quilting on Wednesday mornings at church! It's a cultural experience!