Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pondering Production- Emergency Knitting

Emergency knitting (n): Knitting done to fill a sudden and unexpected period of time and prevent a knitter from going out of his or her mind with boredom. Example: "There was a huge queue at the bank, but I didn't mind, I had my emergency knitting with me."

This semester, I have classes that require less moving a round and group involvement and offer more sit in a seat and listen to lecture time. Ick. Sooo, to keep from putting my face in my hands and or biting my nails I have taken my knitting to class. I sit in the back and knit inconspicuously. I only had one teacher say anything and when I told her that it was to help with the anxiety and I showed her my notes she seemed fine with it. If she's not she hasn't said another word to me about it. Unfortunately, she remembers my name now. Oh well, not like we can have our cake and eat it too right? ;) Going along with this note, a while ago I went to see my eye doctor, Dr. Aaron W., and when he walked in he was shocked to see that I didn't have my knitting out while waiting for him. I assured him that I got plenty of knitting done in the waiting room and that it was waiting patiently in my purse. Am I that predictable?

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Neola said...

Your teachers have got to love you!!